Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This Latest FIFA 14 Coins Is Twice The Fun

FIFA 14 Coins

Additionally, CFO Blake Jorgensen brought up FIFA 14 Coins World Cup again when asked about next-gen games in development, indicating that the game will appear on Xbox One and PS4. It is unknown if the game will also be developed for current generation systems.

  1. The game moved 2.25 million units in the region during its first week and shared a release month with FIFA 14FIFA 14 launched at the end of September and features legendary soccer players in its popular Ultimate Team mode on Microsoft consoles, which accounts for a chunk of its digital revenue sales.Wilson said. 
  2. "We are refining our focus on our biggest brands and great new IP in development, including The Sims 4, EA Sports UFC, FIFA World Cup and Dragon Age: Inquisition."EA's soccer sim dispossessed GTA 5 as it was always going to do, but Rockstar's second week sales equate to the 18th biggest if ranked against all first week sales;
  3. The three pieces of feedback from players regarding the soccer sim's on-field gameplay the developer will look to tweak are the reported over-effectiveness of goals scored on headers from crossed balls and corner kicks, overpowered finesse shots as well as the accuracy of lofted through-balls.
  4. Both FIFA 14 Coins and Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 are available for download, though only the former is available across multiple platforms: PS3, PS Vita (a re-skin) and PSP.PS Plus members can download a free copy of Rayman Origins on the PS Vita today. The routine round of discounts have also been extended to PS Plus, with this week's deals highlighting Limbo, Worms Revolution and more.
  5. Heading into the next console generation, this is very much a "tune-up" year in regards to FIFA 14, and for good reason: It's pretty hard to top EA Canada's efforts with the FIFA series in recent years.The fact is, the game's actual speed may not be any slower than before.
Other games aren't stupid enough to take on the FIFA 14 Coins behemoth, especially a week afterGTA V came out, so the rest of the charts is pretty quiet. Nonetheless, you can check out the top ten after the break. The continual tweaking of passing and dribbling mechanics has lead to FIFA 14 becoming a much more methodical game than before.

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