Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Every Little Fact One Know About FIFA 14 Coins Is Completely Wrong

 FIFA 14

 Heading into the next console generation, this is very much a "tune-up" year in regards to FIFA 14 Coins, and for good reason: It's pretty hard to top EA Canada's efforts with the FIFA series in recent years.Your team's progressions seem to take a little longer since the defense plays your attackers tighter, resulting in passing lanes that are a tad harder to find. 

  1. The dribbling mechanics added in FIFA 14 Coins have been altered – no longer requiring players to hold the left trigger – and effectively performing some of the fun combinations from last year is more difficult and confusing now.Still, it causes your player to slow down and wait for teammates to better position themselves to receive a pass, which also happened much slower than I would like. When sprinting, the ball gets knocked a little further away than it did a year ago, lending more vulnerability to faster styles of play, especially when considering tweaks made to First Touch Control.
  2. While I can't necessarily say that Lionel Messi or Christiano Ronaldo feel different from one another, they certainly perform better than a no-name player from some two-star Chilean club. The former two superstars might be able to get away with sprinting around the field a little and still avoid confrontation, but with the majority of teams you'll need to employ a slower, more tactical strategy, as less skilled athletes are more likely to lose control of the ball.
  3. Additionally, don't bother trying to tackle a CPU-controlled player that is sprinting along the sideline while shielding the ball; it seems downright impossible to get the ball away from them until they're already in the box and approaching the net. If an attacker approached my CPU-controlled defenders, they would offer a nice cushion of space with lots of room to pass the ball. When I locked to an individual player on the field in career mode and timed a run to get past the defense, my teammates were almost always off by a beat, performing late passes often enough that we'd rack up double-digit offsides penalties in every game.
For instance, the sheer unpredictability of the ball's movements in last year's game and the excitement it brought is still there in FIFA 14 Coins, so it's worth putting up with a few brain-dead teammates.That's a credit to FIFA 14's overhauled user interface, which is nearly identical to the excellent system in Madden 25. The majority of the game's menus are now large tiles that have more pop, and even with the occasional stutter, navigation is exactly as easy as it should be.

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